Day Club

Cleadon Day Club provides coffee and a meal the third and fifth Friday of the month for the most elderly and infirm of Cleadon’s residents.  If necessary, the recipients of the meal are collected from their home and returned afterwards.  The club provides a means for them to eat in the company of others, a feature that is at the heart of God’s kingdom, that food should be shared.  Anyone is welcome to attend, although it is helpful to know who is expecting to be fed so please do make contact.

Drop in and say ‘Hello’

Coffee is available at the Drop-in at the Old School Room on Sunderland Road (SR6 7UR)
Weekdays 10.00am-12noon

Sacred space is available in the worship area of All Saints off Cleadon Lane (SR6 7UU)
Mondays-Saturdays 9.30am-3.30pm (approx.)

Both may be subject to short-notice change occasionally.

Parish Office

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office. It is based in the rear of the Parish Hall and can be accessed from the yard behind the Old School Room.

M: 9.15am-11.15am
Tu: 9.15am-11.15am
W: 9.15am-11.15am
Th: 9.15am-11.15am
F: Closed

0191 519 0515


The Parish Office
1-3 Sunderland Road