Toddlers @ All Saints

Toddler craft

Toddler craft

At Toddlers @ All Saints we provide opportunities for children to have space to play, create, interact, sing, listen to stories and a 'snack'.

Adults bringing the children have a chance to have a chat with other carers of children, join with their children and enjoy a 'cuppa' of either tea or quality coffee and a biscuit.
Once or twice a term, often close to one of the Church's festivals, we start our meeting with a celebration in the worship area with song, story and prayer. Afterwards we return to the Parish Hall for a drink and to play.
Toddlers Celebration - All Saints Summer 2010

Toddlers @ All Saints Summer Celebration 2010

meets:Wednesdays in term time
Toddlers Celebration Summer 2010

Playing in the Vicarage garden after the celebration

when: 1.30pm-3.00pm
where:In the Parish Hall
(use the rear entrance from the Yard behind the Old Schoolroom)
who:We welcome all children (from birth until they start school) and their adult (Mum/Dad/Granny/Grandad/Childminder/Friend)

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