We will all die at some point. For many it will be after a fulfilling life, for some it will be a life that appears to have been cut short early. If the home address is in the parish then there is a right to a service in the All Saints building. We are there regardless of what faith there is, or is not.

A funeral service at All Saints can be a helpful way of remembering a loved one when they die. Families and friends are given an opportunity to gather, express their grief, give thanks for a life, and commend the deceased to God. All Saints is available to everyone who lives in the Parish prior to a burial or cremation. We are unable to offer facilities for the burial of a body or cremated remains at the All Saints campus.

You are encouraged to think about your funeral before it becomes necessary for family or friends to make decisions for you. Remember that any instructions you leave are there for guidance and that family or friends may wish to remember you in another way, but many will find instructions to be a comfort at a time of grief and want to carry them out. If you need help in thinking through a funeral then All Saints can help.

When a loved one has died the usual practice is to contact a local Funeral Director. They will guide you through the process of making practical arrangements. After a time has been agreed for holding a funeral service at All Saints, a minister will visit to agree what will happen in church and, if the deceased is not known to the minister, to find out about the deceased.

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